Anti Ragging Cell

Anti Ragging
Ragging is completely prohibited on college campus as per Supreme Court Ruling and Government Orders. An anti-ragging squad led by the anti-ragging committee convenor, Mr Sushil Kumar Tiwari, always keeps an eye on students, both boys and girls.


  1. Admission cancellation
  2. Barring from classes
  3. Stoppage of scholarship and other benefits
  4. Barring from evaluation examination
  5. Results cancellation
  6. Barring from participation in college/university games
  7. Expulsion from hostel
  8. Rustication by university
  9. Three years imprisonment/fine of Rs 25,000
  10. Taking affidavit from student and guardian both
  11. University Directive

The students will have to continuously keep in mind that no charge of immoral type or serious crime is levelled on them, otherwise their name will immediately be struck off the college rolls.